Are you still looking for an internship or a trainee program?

Would you like to be a part of a German-American work environment in the USA or gain valuable experience abroad during an internship or a trainee program?

The GACC Job Market connects professionals with diverse opportunities at companies engaged in German-American business. On behalf of our customers (usually American subsidiaries of German companies or companies with transatlantic business) we post internship vacancies in the United States. 

To search for a potential host company, we also recommend you speak with the Career Services office of your university.  They may have connections to companies in your region that also have offices in the United States.

You may also want to research the major international companies in your field of study as well as the smaller companies that work with them.  Many of these organizations list internship opportunities on their corporate websites.

Please note that the GACC assists client companies in German-American business to find suitable talent for open positions at their companies; we do not provide direct assistance to active jobseekers.

Are you looking for qualified interns or trainees?

We offer the option of posting a vacant position with your contact information on our website. Inclusive is the posting on our social networks like LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook and Twitter. Additionally we will announce the position in our newsletter, which goes out to more than 2700 subscribers.  To learn about our talent matching services, please reach out to