Information for Tax Filing

DISCLAIMER: Our institution is NOT permitted to assist nonresidents with any IRS tax form preparation or tax related questions. The information provided is intended for your benefit. Any questions or concerns should be directed to Sprintax, a certified tax preparer or a local IRS field office.

If you were in the US on a J-1 visa in 2023, you are required by law to file tax documents before the tax deadline (Monday, April 15, 2024). 

One of these two scenarios will apply to you: 

1) If you earned income on a J-1 program in the US and were paid by your host company in the US, you are required to file a tax return. Your US host company will provide you with the required W-2 form.

2) If you did not earn an income while in the US, and/or were paid in Germany or your home country during your internship, you must file Form 8843. Please send your signed paper form to the address indicated on page 3 via regular mail.

Failure to comply with your US tax obligations will result in a breach of IRS regulations and will jeopardize your chances of a successful US visa application in the future.

Please note that online providers such as TurboTax are not suitable for J-1 visa holders (non-residents). Instead, the German American Chamber of Commerce strongly recommends Sprintax – the non-resident partner of choice for all your tax needs.

When you set up an account with Sprintax you can easily prepare fully compliant tax documents and apply for your tax refund.

Why Sprintax?

• Secure and affordable online service

• You will be compliant with the IRS

• You can easily prepare all necessary tax documents including Federal and State tax returns

• Over 200,000 non-residents use Sprintax to prepare their tax forms each year

• Live chat support on the software

• Sprintax's YouTube channel and blog

You can also find the Sprintax J-1 Webinar schedule below. In these tax webinars, J-1 participants will be given an overview of their tax obligations. 

Topics will include residency for tax purposes, federal tax withholding, who must file, implications of misfiling as well as an overview of how Sprintax Returns online software can assist with preparing Federal and/or State tax returns for J-1 participants.

• Wednesday, January 17 @ 2pm ET – Register here 

• Thursday, February 1 @ 2pm ET – Register here 

• Thursday, February 15 @ 1pm ET – Register here 

• Monday, March 18 @ 4pm ET – Register here 

• Friday, April 12 @ 3pm ET – Register here

If you have any questions about tax, you can email

Please note that the GACC is legally not authorized to answer any tax-specific questions nor assist you in the filing of your tax return.